IMRO DSS Falcon - With Many Essential Advantages

  • Metal Sensor multispectral
  • UV Camera
  • Colour Camera multispectral
  • NIR Hyperspectral Camera
  • 3D Camera
  • X-Ray Camera

IMRO RCSX D NEO - Secondary Separation for Cascade

Even stronger - even more effective
Finest grain size separator for non-ferrous metals

The new IMRO RCSX Junior Small Price - High Performance

Just arrived! Our family of Non-ferrous Separators has a new addition. It is the attractive alternative for non-ferrous metals recovery and the right price for your budget.

The innovative solution for a
cost-efficient separation


Maximum recovery with IMRO Cascading Separation for Slag Recycling:

TWO separators for enhanced performance

Find out here how our rugged equipment and reliable technology meets your recycling needs.

Maximum Recovery of Recyclable Materials

Welcome to IMRO Maschinenbau in Uffenheim, Germany. On the following pages you will find information on IMRO's comprehensive range of RecycleCraft equipment and engineering services. We provide solutions for special applications and complete plants.

Our Product Sectors:

Your Reliable Partner in Recycling:


IMRO Maschinenbau - increases profit

IMRO designs and manufactures advanced recycling equipment for maximum recovery, economy and product purity.


IMRO Maschinenbau - specialises in interfaces

IMRO engineers the right connections between RecycleCraft equipment and other recycling systems.


IMRO stands for technical expertise, quality products and value for money. Our customers' needs and wishes are our central focus.

IMRO Maschinenbau - supplies RecycleCraft from one source

IMRO is a one-stop provider for all recycling equipment and plants.


IMRO Maschinenbau - delivers custom-fit solutions

IMRO designs RecycleCraft equipment and plants according to customer-specific applications.


IMRO Maschinenbau - ensures reliable performance and service

IMRO is dedicated to providing superior performance, exceeding customer expectations.

IMRO - RecycleCraft - Europe's experts in conveying and sorting