Eddy Current Separators / Non-ferrous Metal Separators

IMRO Eddy Current Separators/Non-ferrous Metal Separators

IMRO Eddy Current Separators (ECS)

Eddy Current Separators, also known as non-ferrous metal separators, extract non-ferrous material from: domestic material flow, shredded material, white goods, wood, plastic, glass, moulding sand.
Eddy Current Separators are used where maximum materials recovery and product purity are required.


Cost efficient - great performance
Nearly for all kinds of application to recover recyclable material

IMRO Slag recycling equipment

Non-ferrous metals are extracted from incineration slag which is in turn produced from fluidised bed combustion and grate firing, among other procedures.

IMRO Advanced technology

Easy-to-use features and controls, low maintenance, low downtime

Recovers non-ferrous metals from material flow of particle sizes less than 1 mm

IMRO Pole drum patent

Dergree graduation of the pole drum continuously
adjustable from 0° up to 20°