IBA Recycling

Incinerator bottom ash recycling

The residue from incinerator plants or power stations contain varied types of very valuable metal. In order to reclaim these metals, the material flow is separated into different fractions, so-called screen cuts; then, it is divided and handled according to particle size. Coarse screen cuts are generally followed by magnet separation of ferrous metals with an overbelt magnet and manual sorting into different recyclables categories.

The reclaimed iron can be sold immediately or shredded further.

The medium-sized particles are fed into a magnet separator or a magnetic drum. The magnet separator can be equipped with neodymium magnets and thus the smallest metal parts are eliminated from the material flow.

Our high-performance Eddy Current Separator carries out any following separation of non-ferrous metals.

The IMRO Cascading Separation utilises an additional non-ferrous separator and recovers up to 40% more non-ferrous metals.

Sensor-based equipment extracts stainless steel contained in the material flow. The high-precision sensors detect the metal in the material flow and separate it with continuous bursts of compressed air lasting milliseconds.

The sensor-based machine IMRO DSS Falcon is especially made for an optimal Stainless Steel Separation in Slag Recycling.

The fine particles are handled similarly to the medium-sized particles. The overbelt magnet or the neodymium magnet are built into the recycling system to achieve the desired result.

Our Eddy Current Separators, designed specifically for sorting the finest fractions, fulfil the especially high demands of non-ferrous separation to the utmost. The eccentric magnet system and the patented infinitely variable speed drive of the pole drum allow for the separation of particles sizes of < 1 millimetre.