VDI Conference - Duesseldorf, Germany


VDI Conference - Metals and Minerals from IBA, November 7. - 8., 2018, Duesseldorf, Germany

IMRO Maschinenbau GmbH is attending the VDI Conference in Duesseldorf. Join us at our exhibition booth. We would like to find out about your slag recycling needs. At this conference, the central topic deals with the recovery of metals and mineral from IBA.

Get the answers: What is the most cost effective and efficient way to recover the greatest amount of metals and minerals recovered from "slag"? This question is the focal point of the VDI Conference - Recovery of Metals and Minerals from IBA. As a participant, you will be getting the latest on procedures and developments in this sector.

Recover valuable metals and non-metals from slag: Slag belongs to the combustion residues which are produced as part of waste incineration. Although slag is a waste product, it contains both precious metals and non-metals. As a rule, the high value of recyclables makes efficient recovery very lucrative.

Exchange ideas with experts: The VDI Conference - Recovery of Metals and Minerals from IBA is dedicated to introducing different approaches to recover metals from slag. Companies, waste incineration plants, research institutes and many others will be presenting the latest breakthroughs in IBA.

  • Get the latest news in research
  • Discover new solutions and apply them
  • Exchange ideas with international experts from various fields


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