Non-ferrous Cascading Separation

TWO separators for BETTER performance

The IMRO Cascading Separation utilises an additional non-ferrous separator and recovers up to 40 % more non-ferrous metals. All interfaces within cascading separation are provided by IMRO (including all skirt boards and chutes).

Well-proven IMRO technology for effecient operation and maintenance: the IMRO Cascading Separator can easily be incorporated as a complete unit into any plant.

One-sided non-ferrous output system

Optimum application for 0.7 - 12 mm grain size
Prior segregation into different grain sizes increases the efficiency of the cascade
Incline of 0 - 10°
No material loss

Two-sided non-ferrous output system

Available with upstream ferrous separator

Accelerator conveyor furnished
with NEODYMIUM magnetic pulley

Quick and easy belt replacement
with integrated pull-out component

The integrated belt replacement provides
savings in daily operation and maintenance.

More good reasons for choosing the IMRO Non-ferrous Separator:

  • Infinitely variable pole system 0 - 20 % (patent)
  • Removable shell ring for easy replacement of GFK drum shell (patent)
  • Infinitely variable divider
  • Lighting in the discharge chute
  • Several types of conveyor belt cleaning systems
  • Customised versions for slag applications

IMRO Non-ferrous Separator Version for Slag Recycling:

  • Separate bearings
  • Lubricated divider adjustment with protective bellows
  • Drive motor with TorqLoc hollow shaft mounting system
  • No frictional corrosion