IMRO Products - Conveying and Sorting Equipment

IMRO Sensor-based Sorters

Use material-specific sensors and nozzles

IMRO Eddy Current Separators/Non-ferrous Metal Separators

Deliver optimum sorting results

IMRO Non-ferrous Cascading Separation

Maximum recorvery of non-ferrous metals

IMRO Overbelt Magnets

Designed for high efficiency

IMRO Magnetic Drums

Based on over-flowing and under-flowing configuration

IMRO Magnetic Pulleys

Incorporate into other recycling systems

IMRO Permanent Magnets

Made of high quality permanent magnets

IMRO Conveyors

Feature the HeavyLine Conveyor

IMRO Conveyors with Metal Detectors

Combine with existing conveyor technology

IMRO Screening Drums

Screen material flow according to mesh size

IMRO Metering Bunkers

Are used in power stations, cement plants, garbage incineration plants, etc.

IMRO Recycling Plants

Recover the maximum amount of valuable materials

IMRO RecycleTowers

Save space and number of conveyors
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