Recycling Plants

IMRO Recycling Plants - Maximum recovery of recyclables

Valuable materials recovered from material flow are gaining increasing importance in terms of reusing or selling them. For each application we design the system that produces maximum economy. We endeavour to add value to your recycling and diposal processes. RecycleCraft products can be adapted to the growing demands of your business for higher performance and even heavier use of your recycling equipment.

Having designed so many applications, none of your requests would be too unusual for us.

IMRO Recycling plants can be utilised for all applications to sort and convey slag, industrial, domestic and textile material flow and to recover valuable materials, as well as to produce refuse-derived fuel.


Modern recycling of incineration slag

Constructed in 2015 by the Danish company AFATEK, the recycling plant for slag is equipped with state-of-the-art technology: Five lines, each and every one of them boasting different grain sizes, separate valuable metals from minerals. This way, valuable metals can be reclaimed to sustain the environment. All of the separating units are designed by IMRO Maschinenbau GmbH, providing a high degree of separation, the highest levels of purity and proven reliability.

RecycleCraft by IMRO: Contact us and benefit from our expertise and experience.

We would like to thank AFATEK and ScenicImage for the smooth collaboration.

Boerde Recycling/Veolia
Soest, Germany 

Production of refuse-derived fuel


Gothenburg, Sweden

Recycling of slag

Kochi, Japan

Production of refuse-derived fuel